Meditation, Health & Wellbeing at our Holistic Yoga Retreat

  • Exercise and good nutrition are fundamental to good health.
  • Massage and Reiki also help to relax.
  • Our streamside meditation area is a tranquil spot for contemplation.
  • WHY RETREAT, using our Holistic Yoga Retreat to Empower You with Health.

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about our philosophy for a wellbeing:
Exercise – Rest – Eat right – Meditate – Relax – Enjoy Nature


Massage can help relax tight muscles and rebalance your body’s energy. Jo is experienced in pressure point release massage techniques. Read testimonials

Reiki and Gaia

Jo is a level 3 reiki practitioner and certified Gaia healer. Reiki is a system of energy healing that can help promote relaxation and self healing. Gaia works on balancing the chakras and the aura, promoting emotional healing.


The Stream
Visit the meditation area beside our stream and contemplate what the stream has to teach us about life. Read more.

Mount Manaia
Manaia is the guardian, the carrier of supernatural powers. It is said to be the messenger between the earthly world of mortals and the domain of the spirits. The Manaia is a holder of great spiritual energy and is a guardian against evil.

Stone circle
When we excavated for our house, we came across 5 huge rocks that could not be moved. These now form a stone circle around the building.  Read more >

Our logo began with a design from a Maori artist who gave us our own Manaia.  Read more >

Retreats and Courses

Weekend and multi-day holistic yoga retreats are available. These include Healthy Lifestyle retreats, Yoga retreats and Stress Management programs, and 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.  see Availability or Book Your Spot

MY WELL-BEING THIS WEEK – For more information about Jo’s 52 week online well-being course click here.

Enjoy Nature

Discover the surrounding beauty of the Whangarei Heads Penninsula and experience Nature’s capacity to heal and relax.  Read more >


Much of our health revolves around what we eat. Diseases such as diabetes heart disease and cancer, high blood pressure and high cholesterol can all be prevented or improved with diet. Read more >


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