Regain your quality of life!

  • Lose weight and tone up!
  • Fast-track recovery from shoulder, neck, hip or knee injuries!
  • Enjoy the outdoors fully without your body holding you back!
  • Keep up with the grandkids!
  • Reduce back pain!
  • Improve your mobility, flexibility and balance!
  • Get into the best shape of your life!
  • Look and feel great!
  • Manage Stress!

A Unique Style of Fitness Coaching

Hi! I’m Jo,and I offer a Holistic healing experience combining Yoga, Personalised Strength Training and Massage in a unique style of fitness coaching that gets results.

I understand the challenges of age-related illnesses and limitations. I am not exactly a spring chicken myself! A focus on postural alignment can help reverse the effects of gravity. It is never too late to build new muscle, firm and tone to keep the body working smoothly. Painful arthritis need not hold you back.
I work from my fully equipped boutique studio at McLeod Bay, and also through Anytime Fitness in the Whangarei Town Basin.

Tax Deductible Options

Under an initiative with Exercise Association of NZ and IRD called SMEAEP, exercise programs are tax deductible and not subject to FBT as long as they are legitimately being used by an employer as a tool to help manage workplace stress. Jo Woollacott is an endorsed provider of SMEAEP programs, and can offer a variety of packages that are fully tax deductible. These can include personal training sessions, yoga and pilates classes, workshops and retreats.


Yoga teaches flexibility, strength, balance, postural alignment and encourages mind-body awareness for self healing. READ MORE>>>


Focusing on core strength and training the stabilizing muscles in the back, Pilates is a great low impact option for those recovering from injuries, with limited flexibility or looking to improve tone and posture. READ MORE

Total Gym Incline Body Weight Training

Total Gym is a versatile and time efficient exercise platform that uses the most current exercise philosophies of functional training. Programs are tailored to individual needs, suitable for everyone from the elderly to elite athlete. Injury-specific treatment protocols mean safe and effective rehabilitation that can accelerate successful patient outcomes.


Jo’s special area of expertise is postural alignment and rehabilitation. Through massage, yoga and strength training, she assists her clients to overcome injuries, reduce chronic pain and correct muscle imbalances to help prevent future problems. Jo has experience with recovery from surgery, hip replacements, shoulder and knee reconstruction, as well as pregnancy and post natal training. Total Gym Incline Body Weight Training offers Injury-specific treatment protocols that mean safe and effective rehabilitation that can accelerate successful patient outcomes.

Circuit classes

WHY AGE circuit classes (Whangarei Heads Yoga and GRAVITY Exercise) combine the TOTAL GYM incline body weight trainer with Suspension Training, swiss ball, BOSU, step and other ‘toys’ for a fast, fun workout. Bookings are essential and times can be arranged for groups of 2, 3 or 4 people.


Join one of our regular one-day workshops or multi-day retreats. Or create your own personal retreat for yourself or groups of up to 6 people. Tax deductible options available. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving information on these events. 


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