Take a break! You deserve it. Just 2.5 hours north of Auckland, you will be in another world. 

Craving a change of scenery, someone else’s cooking, a calm mind through daily yoga and meditation and some of the best hiking in New Zealand? Reset this weekend at WHY Retreat. You will enjoy our amazing views, nature reserves at the back door, home grown and cooked meals and a streamside area for meditation.


Your weekend program offers the perfect balance of activities and quiet time. The yoga classes are designed for relaxation, and you can choose your level for hiking with 2 of New Zealand’s top tracks to choose from as well as endless beaches to enjoy in any weather. 


Building resilience is the focus of this relaxing and transformative 2-day experience. If you are feeling stuck, stressed or just wondering where to next, WHY will help you to gain control over your thoughts and future. Learn how to relax your body, calm your mind, and unpack limiting beliefs and outdated thought patterns for the new paradigm we live in now.Beautiful scenery, home grown home cooked meals, daily yoga and meditation and some of the best hiking in New Zealand are included on this special weekend to inspire change. Hit the reset button with a weekend retreat at WHY. 


NOTE – Your health and safety are protected at WHY. We undertake strict cleaning protocols and attention to physical distancing. Shared rooms are available for friends and family, otherwise you will enjoy a private room. Prices are per room, in NZ dollars.

Rosella’s nest room -

one person, private room: $799
2 people, shared room: $1199

Bayview room -
one person, private room: $859
2 people, shared room: $1299

Manaia suite queen room and ensuite bathroom) -
one person, private room: $899
2 people, shared room: $1399

WHY Retreat can offer tax deductible options for NZ employees under the SMEAEP program. Conditions apply. Please contact us to find out if your retreat will qualify.


About Jo

Jo Woollacott has been teaching Yoga for 40 years, and currently offers Yoga Retreats in Northland, New Zealand, facilitating physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being for her guests and community. 
Born in Vancouver, Canada, Jo took up Yoga to overcome a physical disability as a teenager, then became interested in natural healing, and holistic health, pursuing study in this field for her personal interest. Jo had a career in financial planning, and built a sailboat with her husband, which became her home for 20 years. Their 16-year adventure sailing extensively throughout the Pacific was curtailed when her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2010.She has studied many styles of Yoga in several countries around the world and is also certified as a Pilates instructor, Total Gym Incline Body Weight instructor, Pelvic Floor Specialist, Kaizen holistic health coach, Touch for Health, Reiki and Gaia practitioner and her most recent training was Holistic Yoga Therapy in 2019. She is a REPS registered Personal Trainer, endorsed by the Exercise Association of New Zealand to provide SMEAEP tax deductible stress management programs. 


When I started with Jo a couple of years ago I was in a lot of pain as I had had a back injury. I had a terrible posture and was unbelievably stiff. I couldn’t even lie down on the ground comfortably. The idea of sitting cross legged in a yoga class terrified me. My legs didn’t really cross!! Slowly but surely Jo has taught me all sorts of techniques to help me not only on a physical journey but a mental one. 

I can now lie flat on the ground and I can sit cross legged. I am not yet at the lotus position but it doesn’t seem like a physical impossibility any more. My posture is improving and it feels like each month I reach a new milestone physically. I have learnt to stop pushing myself and simply let go. I have learnt how to manage my stress with breathing and meditation.

Jo has a direct but very calming manner which I love. Jo is an inspiration and after every single session with her I leave feeling much better than when I started.

I am so lucky to have found Jo and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Jo! AR


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