When we excavated for our house, we came across 5 huge rocks that could not be moved. These now form a stone circle around the building. They correspond to the 5 elements in the way they are placed.

The wood element rock is located at the base of a large Norfolk Pine tree. When I was digging around it I found a piece of amber here, petrified Kauri gum. The wood element signifies new beginnings, and happens to be at the entrance to the studio.

The Fire element rock faces to the sunrise. It signifies abundance and is located in the vegetable garden.

Mother earth is a rock that was located deep in the center of the property. It is buried under the corner of the house, and in fact the house had to be moved because we could not get around it. Earth signifies nourishment, and the house kitchen sits over this rock. The inner strength of metal is represented by a rock that rises up from the stream bed through the parking area.

The fifth element, water, represents calm. This rock is at the front of our property, overlooking the bay. The bedrooms face this way, and the property naturally drains here. We have created an arroyo to this rock, with NZ river stones. The obsidian, agate, chalk, calcite and quartz amongst the stones in the path add their own energy to the property.


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