The benefits of Yoga

Yoga teaches flexibility, strength, balance, postural alignment and encourages mind-body awareness for self healing.

  • Stretch
  • Increase mobility
  • Reduce joint and arthritic pain
  • Strengthen your back
  • Improve your balance
  • Feel strong and energetic



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Whangarei Heads Yoga Classes

Both YOGA and PILATES are considered ‘mind-body’ exercise as they teach conditioning and control, not just of the physical body but also for self healing and emotional calm. They are excellent for toning and balance, strength and flexibility, stress relief, pain management and centering. Both are non-impact and are used extensively for rehabilitation of injuries and postural realignment.

Classes are tailored to the needs of participants and focus on postural alignment. All classes at Whangarei Heads Yoga are drop in, although we suggest you pre book if you have not attended one of our classes before. We offer a range of class styles to suit you.

  • YOGA (ALL LEVELS) - is suitable for beginners and those with restricted mobility or injury. Stronger options will be given for those with previous experience of yoga.
  • PILATES AND GENTLE YOGA - Fantastic for posture and joint health, as well as a great workout for tummy and butt. This class combines Pilates and Yoga for a balanced mind-body workout.
  • YOGA FLOW  - A stronger yoga class not suitable for beginners or those with reduced mobility or joint problems. 
  • SATURDAY FLOW WITH TONYA -1 hour 15 minutes. The perfect way to wake up your weekend. Set your intentions for a new week, feeling fresh, focused, and in balance. An invigorating practice that includes 12 rounds of Sun Salutations.
  • RELAXING YOGA (ALL LEVELS) – 1 hour 15 minutes. Focusing on breathing, relaxing muscle tension, calming the mind, and reducing stress, this class includes long resting periods and some meditation. Suitable for all levels
  • TRADITIONAL HOLISTIC YOGA THERAPY – 1.5 hours. Learn ancient techniques for the prevention and management of pain, injury and illness. This enjoyable class is perfect for those with arthritis, back pain, knee and hip pain. You will also learn more about yoga philosophy and meditation in this class. 

Bookings required if you have not attended one of our classes at Whangarei Heads Yoga.


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