Protect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through regular self-care. This weekly course invites you to build and maintain habits for your well-being in 52 small steps.


Personal growth, health and well-being are a priority in these times. Now more than ever we need the tools to help us transform our fear into love, let go of limiting beliefs and create abundance in all aspects of our lives, while caring for our planet. If we are to be strong for others, we must first be strong for ourselves. We need to integrate holistic practices into our lifestyle.

Sometimes changing our habits or lifestyle can feel overwhelming. This course is divided up into tiny bites to integrate over the whole year. Some tasks may take less than 5 minutes, some encourage your awareness, and others are more meaty such as a small exercise routine. Finding a few minutes a day to focus on your own welfare can be empowering in itself.


• Put in place habits and daily practices to cultivate an attitude of calm

• Understand how to cultivate happiness and build your personal toolbox
• Learn how yoga can help to heal the body and calm the mind
• Gain knowledge about nutrition and strengthening your immune system
• Establish a program to increase physical fitness
• Unpack past or current goals and desires to reposition yourself for a changed world
• Feel in control of your destiny, moving towards peace and contentment
• Learn skills to live more simply, in harmony with others and with our planet
• Create the ability to respond appropriately with clarity and calm to whatever comes next

Program Highlights

This 52 week on line learning experience is supplemented with live video modules.

An initial 2-hour workshop plus sessions at 4 times during the year will be available to you through zoom or recorded if you are unable to attend.
At any time you will be welcome to request one on one sessions with me (at additional cost) over zoom to deepen your practice.
If you wish to join an intensive retreat, join one of the holistic retreats running at WHY year round.
A private Facebook group will provide community support while taking this course.
You will also receive a complimentary copy of my book "SEA SALT TO SERENITY" which was inspired by the parallel journeys of my 16-year ocean voyage, my husband’s final years with cancer and my own inner transformation. The manuscript was recently selected in the 5 finalists for the Ashton Wylie Mind Body Spirit Literary Award and is intended for publishing soon. In addition to my collection of insights and experiences it includes a wealth of knowledge and well-bieng tips that will compliment your on line learning.

I hope you enjoy the journey and I look forward to meeting you along the way!

Cost and Bookings

​course fee NZ$199

This course is an offered on an independent learning platform 


Jo’s programme has been a real learning experience for me. Learning, not only about a varied array of well-being habits we can experience and develop, but also, and perhaps more so, learning about myself.

I enjoyed the variety of well-being advice Jo provided, from physical health to mental health, goal setting to nutrition, individual practices to ones that required getting others involved. Most came with further content and readings on each topic, that provide more detail as to why and how each habit promotes well-being. Great for ‘details’ people like me.
Some of the weekly tasks were challenging, some I had to delay until the time was right for me. Others I thought would be simple, but turned out to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. This led to some self-reflection as to why the particular challenges were easy or difficult for me.
The format of trying each task for 7 days was long enough to see how it would fit into regular weekly life. Allowing enough time to feel the effects of the practices on yourself, and if it was something that I would continue to incorporate into my daily life, or put in my wellness toolkit, to revisit as needed.
Thank you Jo, for providing this toolkit of well-being. TH
BOOK REVIEW FOR SEA SALT TO SERENITY -The manuscript will assist the readers’ own personal transformation. Using meditation and conceptional frameworks drawn from ancient Indian Yoga and contemporary psycho spiritual self-acculturalization processes, the author describes how to face challenges and how to create a positive mindset to address them and overcome them. The manuscript offers a comprehensive collective of holistic health advice which is presented in a warm-hearted manner with an eye on being practical and pragmatic. This is an insightful work that could appeal to readers in all stages in their life. FIND OUT MORE about the book.


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