This 20 minute video offers a guided meditation from Ocean Beach at sunrise. Please enjoy!


Sometimes the ocean is flat, placid, glassy calm like a mirror. The mirror of calm water can reflect whatever is around it, perfectly. It reflects what is real, what is true. In stormy times the surface of the ocean becomes turbulent, with big waves crashing. No reflection is possible. The only thing we can see is the crashing waves. But underneath, the water is still calm.
We are like the ocean. When our mind is calm, we can reflect on what is real and what is true. When the crashing waves of thought disrupt our mind, it is difficult to reflect on anything but this storm. Deep inside us we have an ocean of calm and understanding. Come back to our calm centre by focusing on the breath. Breath in, breath out. That is all. Breathing practice gives us the ability to still the crashing waves of thought that can pull us from our calm centre. Breathe in. Breathe out. That is all we have to do. That is all we have to think about. That is all. The French word for ‘breath in’ is inspiration. Our breath is all we need to feel inspired!
As we focus on our breath, it becomes smooth and continuous. When we do this, we help to balance our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This will help to calm the mind. When the mind is calm, we can see things clearly and access more creative sections of our brain. Take a deep breath, be inspired, and connect with your inner calm.

Excerpt from “Sea Salt to Serenity” by Jo Woollacott


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